Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Frequency change for Radio Japan, Bengali Service, & new Post Box address in Kolkata, India

Radio Japan, NHK World, Bengali Service, shall change their frequency from Sunday, 30.03.2014, (A14 summer season) to 11685 kHz (ex 13615 kHz). Broadcasting time shall remain same i.e. 1300-1345 UTC. Relay transmitter site was shifted from Singapore to Uzbekistan in B13 winter season. Listeners reported almost inaudibility in the target area of India east and Bangladesh during the whole B13 season. Even replacing the frequency in B13 season, could not bring any improvement in reception. In A14 summer season, Radio Japan shall again use Singapore transmitter site which provides excellent reception in South Asia.

Radio Japan has also changed their Post Box address in Kolkata, India. New PO Box address is PO Box-9477, Kolkata 700016, India. It was requested not to mention any host/presenters name in the listeners letters towards safe delivery.  

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