Monday, July 9, 2007

Himalaya's DRM receiver "DRM2009" is out now

Himalaya's DRM receiver "DRM2009" is out now

"drmdab" reported in the DRM software radio forum that the Himalaya's DRM receiver "DRM2009" is out for sale, I had a chance to preview this receiver during the ABU AIR DRM meet here ate Delhi.

More info at :


- photographs with SD map (likewise MP3 playback supports direct and programmed DAB- and DRM photographs)
- simple break/rendition characteristic supports DAB and DRM photographs on the memory
- EPG for DAB service
- 40 stations storable (10 for each mode), two waking times and a dozen programmable attitudes for digital broadcast (DAB and DRM)
- external antenna input, digital exit, similar exit (headphone)
- two loudspeakers
- battery operation (duration dependent on battery capacity)
- USB connection

Can be bought online for 249 Euro plus shipping from :

Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi, India
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