Friday, March 23, 2012

Radio Pakistan on 9550 kHz 22 March 2012

Radio Pakistan was noted on 9550 kHz, 22 March 2012, in parallel 9470 kHz suppressing co-channel All India Radio. News in English by YL ended with weather forecast for next 24 hours. Switched off at 1710 UTC. 9550 kHz frequency is not listed anywhere.

Here is the video file of logging on 23 March 2012:
(News by OM started with celebration of national day in Pakistan.) 

Channel Africa, 15235 kHz, news report and interview, stn id at 1719 UTC. 22 March 2012

Receiver: JRC NRD-61A
Antenna: 15 mtr. longwire with 10:1 Balun

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