Friday, April 20, 2012

60 Meter Band observation in the evening

Noted strong signal on 4850 at 1715 UTC on 19th April 2012. Song by YL. Like a Chinese one but was not 100 percent sure. Later Mr. Anker Peterson from Denmark confirmed in DXLD that it is PBS, Urumqi in Kazakh language shifting from their original out of band frequency 4330 kHz.

Bangladesh Betar, 4750 kHz, has revised its schedule. Now broadcasting  from 0500-1710 UTC. Earlier used to switch off at 1500 UTC.  
AIR Mumbai now a days found more clearly audible on 4840 kHz in the evening.

Strong het. noted on 4940 kHz on 18th April 2012 after 1600 UTC. But clear on 19th April.  

Strong humming sound is still continuing on 4970 kHz, AIR Shillong. Surprisingly, no action has been taken upon reporting to concerned station engineer.  

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